Using geo_point and pulling lat/long from existing fields

I've reviewed different pieces of documentation and am unable to put it all together to figure out how to create a geo_point field. I have used logstash to pull in a CSV file that contains statistical data for cities and includes two fields: LAT and LONG as integers.

How do I take these two fields and use them to generate a geographical representation of this statistical data. I can't seem to figure out how to create a geo_point type field and populate it with the data in my LAT and LONG fields (probably not understanding the exact steps for this).

Any help would be great!

You may want to move this to the Logstash category, someone there will be able to help.

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The Elasticsearch documentation specifies what a field value can look like to be recognized as a geo_point value (for example, it can be an array of the latitude and longitude float values). On top of that, the index's mappings need to define the field in question as a geo_point field. This is usually done via index templates.