How to create geo-point fields from longitude / latitude

ELK 7.10.

I've used the geoip filter in logstash to get geo data from a remote IP Address. Now I have geo data appearing in elastic.

I want to be able to map these on a map chart and I don't understand how to do the next step. I know that I have to create a template in elastic to get a field of type geo_point but I'm not sure how exactly?

In elasticsearch I now have and geoip.location.lon which are both number field types. How do I now defined a field called geoip.location which is type geo_ip?

You need to map geoip.location as geo_point instead of mapping the lat and lon values

So I mapped a field called location as type geo_point like this

  "properties": {
    "location": {
      "type": "geo_point"

But all I have now is a new mapped field, I'm still getting geoip data but this location field isn't being used in new documents. How do I link latitude and longitude to this location field?

Could you share your logstash Pipeline?

You need to configure the location field as target field for your geo ip filter.

Okay so I have:-

  • mapped a field called location as type geo_point

  • configured the geoip filter in logstash to use location as a target.

    if [remote_ip] {
    geoip {
    source => "remote_ip"
    target => "localtion"

Is that right ? It's still not working though. Map chart recognises location as geo-spatial field but I don't see any data

Is there a typo? localtion Vs location

Yes, sorry. But is what I said correct?

I don't believe so. Look at what a document look like after the geoip filter.

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