Create map layer from longitude and latitude

I want to create a kibana map using two float fields: lat and lon (latitude and longitude), but when i try to create a map in Kibana I can't do it because i don't have a geoip location field. How can i solve it?

You need a geo_point field in elasticsearch, you do not need a geoip field. You will need a template to tell elasticsearch that a field is a geo_point. The default template includes an example of how to do that.

Sorry Badger, but the second link not works.

Yes, it got renamed to support ecs compatability. I fixed the link. It shows how to create a geo_ip, but as I said, you only need the part of that which creates a geo_point.

Sorry but i can't understand. I go to the kibana dev tools and i ran the following request:

PUT _template/geotemplate
  "index_patterns": [
  "settings": {},
  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "geoLocation": {
        "type": "geo_point"
  "aliases": {}

the request goes well, but when i go to the index pattern, i refresh "alldevices" but nothing change, geoLocation is string type.

geoLocation is the field that I have created in the logstash pipeline and it is in the form of lon,lat

A mapping will not re-index existing fields. It is only applied when fields are created.

ok, so i have to delete index pattern, launch the request and recreate the index?

That should work, yes.