Geo_point fielddata

Is it possible to avoid loading geo_points into field data when performing a geo distance query and/or a geohash cell aggregation?

I am running elasticsearch 2.0.0 and was hoping that the use of doc_values (default) for geo_points would avoid loading them into field data. However it appears that is not the case; as soon as I execute a query including a geo distance query or run a geohash grid aggregation my field data usage increases dramatically, maxing out the amount of RAM I allow for field data.

I am using optimizeBBox("indexed") so that "memory" isn't used but that also did not seem to help.

If it isn't possible with 2.0.0, will the improvements in 2.2 assist with this?

Mapping details: lat_lon: true, geohash: true

I found some discussion that looks related to this: it doesn't answer the question really but gives me some hope things will be better if/when I can upgrade to 2.2+.

I just tested geo distance queries and geohash grid aggregation on my local dev machine using 2.3.0 and my field data cache stays 0.

Awesome work guys! Can't wait to upgrade our real server(s) once we're willing to reindex again.

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