Doc values for @timestamp and geo.location

(Allen Chan) #1

I am running into high JVM on my data nodes. I noticed @timestamp and geo.location seems to be taking up 2gb of my heap. Are there any ill effects of turning on doc values for these two fields? My use case is logstash indices with logs

     "indices": {
        "fielddata": {
           "memory_size_in_bytes": 1765178740,
           "evictions": 0,
           "fields": {
              "host": {
                 "memory_size_in_bytes": 0
              "@timestamp": {
                 "memory_size_in_bytes": 1287128696
              "geoip.location": {
                 "memory_size_in_bytes": 478050044
              "username": {
                 "memory_size_in_bytes": 0

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

Both fields are analyzed so doc values won't work.

(Allen Chan) #3

Nothing can be done then?
I ran a few more queries and found that those fielddata were taking 14GB on the heap across all indices.

(Allen Chan) #4

Kind of confused right now.
What is weird is that Kibana 4-> Settings -> Indices tab says @timestamp and geo.location are not analyzed fields.

(Allen Chan) #5

a person in the IRC said that only strings are analyzed. Sounds like it will be ok to make @timestamp a doc value?

(system) #6