Geo_point write from spark into elasticsearch

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from spark into elastic i can insert geo_point fiield like that, but, I cant show that in map on kibana, please anny sugestions??, here the code and pictures:

I tried to insert from diferent form but doesnt work:

ddr1 ="").map(lambda line: ('id',{"geo_sucursal":{"location":{"lon":"41.12","lat":"-71.34"}},'fecha_creacion': '2016-02-12'}))
ddr1 ="
").map(lambda line: ('id',{"geo_sucursal":{"location":{"lon":41.12,"lat":-71.34}},'fecha_creacion': '2016-02-12'}))
ddr1 ="*").map(lambda line: ('id',{'location': { 'lat': 41.12,'lon': -71.34},'fecha_creacion': '2016-02-12'}))

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Is the field mapped correctly?

(Roberto Sancho Rojas) #3


now it working after mapped correctly, but now, the error is beacuse i have
empty string value for lat and lon, anny suggestion?


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