GeoIP2 without Coordinates in 2019?

Logstash depends to GeoIP2 for the coordinates in mapping.

According to Maxmind,, they plan to discontinue the latitude and longitude coordinates in 2019.

How does it impact Logstash?

Thanks for mentioning this, I have asked our product team to comment :slight_smile:


Katy from MaxMind here. Just wanted to clarify that we're not removing lat/lon data from GeoIP2. We'll be removing it from our Legacy GeoLite databases only. Our apologies for the confusion.

You can see updated, and accurate, info at


Thanks @katy!

Below is the statement copied and pasted from the web page;

In addition, in 2019, latitude and longitude coordinates in the GeoLite2 databases will be removed.* Latitude and longitude coordinates will continue to be provided in GeoIP2 databases. Please check back for updates.

Does it mean that latitude and longitude will be removed from GeoLite2 after 2019? All users need to upgraded to commercial GeoIP2 in order to get the coordinates? @katy

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