Get a list of dashboards

I am trying to get a list of dashboards. Here is my command:

curl -u 'elastic:xxxxx' -XGET --cacert /opt/ssl-certs/client-ca.cer -s  https://x.x.x.x:9201/.kibana/_search?type=dashboard&size=40 | grep Metricbeat

But all I get is:


Nothing useful as there are 45 dashboards available...

Any help would be much appreciated.

How exactly the .kibana index is structured and can be searched is considered an implementation detail and interacting directly with it is not recommended.

It seems like your use case can be covered nicely by the saved object API.

Thanks @flash1293. I am not looking for a single Kibana saved object by ID. I want to list all dashboards which should be straight forward and queried from elasticsearch according to documentation and other forum posts...

I run ELK Stack version 7.5 so it looks like it is a syntax issue or similar.

My bad, I sent you the link to the wrong sub page:

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