Get hits in kibana plugins(or change size)

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I want to get hits in kibana plugin(not app), I found that the request in plugins set size:0 as default, but I need source data from hits when responses.

Request payload:
{"index":"test","ignore_unavailable":true,"preference":1495521687225} {"size":0,"query":{"bool":{"must":[{"query_string":{"analyze_wildcard":true,"query":"*"}},{"range":{"date":{"gte":1479883289714,"lte":1495521689714,"format":"epoch_millis"}}}],"must_not":[]}},"_source":{"excludes":[]},"aggs":{"1":{"terms":{"field":"gender.keyword","size":8,"order":{"_count":"desc"}}}}}

hits:{total: 8, max_score: 0, hits: []} hits:[] //I want to get this with source max_score:0 total:8 status:200 timed_out:false took:10

So how can I get 'hits' or maybe I can modify the size value in the code ? Thanks.

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