Get list of all values for nested doc-properties

Hi there,

We have an product index with nested fields for variants.
We have a new variant for each color, material, size, price (we aggregate offers).

RIght now i am facing an issue, that skipping through variants is random, next could be another price, another color, size or material.

I would like to provide users a Dropdown for each property with multi-values.

Like a dropdown for each color, where users can select the color.
A dropdown for each REMAINING material and a dropdown for each REMAINING size if rest is already selected.

So i would like to aggregate and perform filters for each product.
For prices of different shops i think we will build a list of prices as a sub of each variant.

For example:

We have a Levi’s jeans 501:

There is a length from 28 to 36
There is a width from 28 to 36
There is a cut: bootleg, skinny, ultra skinny, normal (or so i am not that fashion guy)
There is a color: blue, black

And there are couple of other jeans brands and models.

So i would like to provide those dropdowns on a category page with all jeans brands / models and for each dropdowns for above mentioned properties.

In my mind its a pretty common, problem.

I could save a list of all available values and with them the correlated nested product. But i am not sure if this is a good solution.


Does someone faced a similar problem and can help me?


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