Get List of Curations from Swiftype

Hello! I have a question for anyone familiar with Swiftype / Search UI and curation implementations. We are wanting to utilize curations however we have some custom logic in beforeSearchCall hooks. Essentially I'd like to determine if a curation exists prior to customizing the search results. Adding boosts and result grouping programmatically end up interfering with curated results. Is there a simple way to accomplish this that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @avidnewmedia!

Would the List Curations API help you?

Hi @Brian_McGue - yes exactly. I'm hoping there are either undocumented methods or a separate repo that simplifies the process of interacting with the Curation API inside of Search UI. I searched the repo on Github but found no mention of "curation" (GitHub - elastic/search-ui: Search UI. Libraries for the fast development of modern, engaging search experiences.).

Sorry, @avidnewmedia, I didn't understand initially. I don't believe there is anything inside Search UI for that. But I'm going to tag @JasonStoltz just to make sure he doesn't have a better idea.


Is the question that you want some sort of indicator that an individual result (like a boolean attribute for example isCuratedHit: true) was curated or not? If so, its more of a question whether the swifttype backend supports such a response.

Right, something along those lines would work but it doesn't exist currently. I did hear back from Swiftype support and they said that if the result score is 1 we can assume that the result set is from a curation. I need to test to see if we have access to this in the beforeSearchCall hook or not. Otherwise we will have to develop our own integration with the Curation API.

Looks like I'll have to fetch data from the List Curations API. Thanks everyone.

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