GET _nodes/_local/stats times out when executed by metricbeat


I want to activate the selfmonitoring of my elasticsearch cluster using metricbeat.

The problem is, that the request of GET _node/_local_stats times out:

Feb 28 11:19:25 WUM96178 metricbeat[18611]: 2020-02-28T11:19:25.577+0100 INFO module/wrapper.go:252 Error fetching data for metricset elasticsearch.node_stats: error making http request: Get http://localhost:9200/_nodes/_local/stats: net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

Using curl, the request succeeds after > 10s.

Is it possible to increase the timeout?

I tested the request on other clusters, where the response is much faster. What could I do to speed it up?

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