Get number of matches from a search

(Alexandre Diep) #1

I'm trying to get the number of matches from a search as a column in the Data Table (Visualization). For example, I have the following

title : Good title
content : The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog while the dog is eating.

And If I query content:(dog), I would like to have a column in my table that shows for each item, how many matches there are. In this case, that would give me something like:
Title | Count | Matches
Good title | 1 | 2

Is that possible?

Thank you

(Nathan Reese) #2

That is not possible. Each row in the data table visualization is showing the aggregated results for a bucket. The row does not have knowledge about any one particular document.

(Alexandre Diep) #3

Actually, I just found about the _score property. Is it possible to make a bucket or sub-bucket using that property? By that, I mean visualiize the _score in the Data table. But the property doesn't seem to be present when I create the visualization.

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