Straight-forward way to get a data table to display data

Let's say I have a search set up in such a way as to guarantee that every doc it returns follows the same data model:

  • name (string)
  • a (number)
  • b (number)
  • c (number)

Now let's say I want to display these docs in a data table that has the most basic spreadsheet look-and-feel; e.g., order all the docs by field 'a', then list all the fields for every doc returned.


The best I've been able to do is have my main metric be a Max aggregation on 'a', then split rows with a Terms aggregation on 'name'. That gives me the two of the fields I want. Beyond that I don't know what to do. Splitting rows again doesn't do it because that just makes a different bucket. I already have the docs I want. I just want to display more fields per row.

What next?

I think you can do this with save search

go to discover. select your index pattern
select Name, Field-A, field-B, field-C and save that search

now on dashboard just add that save search

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