I just want to show a field. Why is this so hard?

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I have a saved search. It returns a single document. I want to take that search and visualize the value of a single field in that document.

The closest I've been able to get based on youtube videos and forum posts is that I need to use Data Table, then Split Rows with a Terms aggregation. Problem is my field doesn't show up in that list.

I know the damn field is there. The discover page has it there. Why can't I get this damn thing into a dashboard?

(kulkarni) #2

Can you show us a sample of your field ? Like a screenshot or something ? and also the steps you took to ingest the data . Which version of Kibana are you on. Have you also checked the data exists within the time span you select ? screenshots/logs would help.


(Brandon Biondo) #3


It ended up being that I had to refresh my index patterns to account for the fields. I guess because they had just recently been introduced? Anyway thank you for the reply.

(kulkarni) #4

Am glad that its resolved. Thanks for updating .


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