Get only latest version of document

i experience an issue where the search returns all versions of a document randomly. Can this be controlled somehow, that i only get the latest version of document.

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There's no notion of document versioning that can be returned. Only the last version of a document can be accessed.

Most likely you are not using the same document id for the same document.

Hi David

It sounds positivebut it seems that somewhere during indexing a document we are missing something that shows same document with different versions 1, 2, 4, 6, 9 in our search index.

I see the different versions present in index.

We are reading the data from a json file and updating documents. When i look at the index function it seems we take id as a parameter while indexing.

.IndexAsync(nodes, indexName, type, mappedjDocument, id);

Is there something particular here you can guess i should look at it for example while debugging ?

Would be great

What is the output of the search request which shows different versions of the same document ?

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