Get the last record for each day

(Chen Ben Ezra) #1

Hi ,

I want to create a chart that will contain the last record for each day for specific field value.
For example: field name = build_name
field value = "linux_32"
I want the aggregation by day
At first I created a search for all those values and used it in the Visualization Chart.
How do you suggest me to get the last record for each day for that field ?


(Court Ewing) #2

There isn't support for this built into Kibana, but there's a feature request:

A community member commented about a possible workaround that worked for his use case. Perhaps you could take advantage of a similar approach?

(Chen Ben Ezra) #3

Thanks :slight_smile:
I made a work around to solve this issue.

(Krushnat Khawale) #4

@chenbe2204, Would you post what you've mined?

(Chen Ben Ezra) #5

Hi ,

I uploaded only the files I needed to ElasticSearch.
In that way I have only the records I need.


(system) #6