Getting Bad Gateway for /bundles/

After Configuring reverse proxy, we are getting following error in RED on top of the UI, rest of the links are working fine. Can anyone please help?

Configured proxy pass for bundles in Apache as below:

ProxyPass /bundles http://**.**.**.***:5601/bundles
ProxyPassReverse /bundles http://**.**.**.***:5601/bundles

Error: Bad Gateway
** at respond (**
** at checkRespForFailure (**
** at**
** at processQueue (**
** at**
** at Scope.$eval (**
** at Scope.$digest (**
** at Scope.$apply (**
** at done (**
** at completeRequest (**

@Jithu if you open up your browser's dev tools, are you able to see if there's a specific network request that is error-ing out?

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