Getting BulkIndexError When Trying to Write Documents to ElasticsearchDocumentStore()

My goal is to write documents that I have from a csv file (around 700MB) but I received a BulkIndexError

Here is my code:

from haystack.document_stores.elasticsearch import ElasticsearchDocumentStore
document_store = ElasticsearchDocumentStore()

import pandas as pd 
df = pd.read_csv('D:\BISMILLAH FYP\FINAL_CORD_DATA.csv')

dicts = df.to_dict('records')

final_dicts = []
for each in dicts:
    tmp = {}
    tmp['content'] = each.pop('body_text')
    tmp['meta'] = each


All the lines were fine to run, except the last line which got me the error I mentioned. Please let me know if there is any ways to resolve this. Thank you

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