Raise bulkindexerror

Hello everyone!

Need a help here. Here is my code:

import json
import os

from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch, RequestError
from elasticsearch.helpers import bulk

def create_index(es_client, index_name, settings):
      es_client.indices.create(index_name, body=settings)
      print("Index created")
      return True
   except Exception as err:
      if err.args[1] == "resource_already_exists_exception":
         print("Index already exists")
         return True

   return  False

def upload(index_name, data):
   for i, item in enumerate( data,1):
      print(f"item {i} from {len(data)} in process...")
      yield {
         "_index": index_name,
         "_source": item

if __name__== '__main__':
   folder = "Python"
   ALL_DATA = []
   for file in os.listdir(folder):
      filepath = os.path.join(folder,file)
      if filepath.endswith(".json"):
         with open(filepath, "r", encoding="utf-8") as f_in:
            data = json.load(f_in)
            ALL_DATA += data

   es = Elasticsearch()

   with open("mapping.json", "r", encoding="utf-8") as f_in:
      settings = json.load(f_in)

   index_name = "data_test"
   if create_index (es, index_name, settings):
      bulk(es, upload(index_name, data))

This code seems to run into a trouble. It gives me "raise bulkindexerror( i document(s) failed to index. len(errors) errors)" error, and it won't upload more than 6 documents. What should I fix in this code for it to work?

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