Python bulk insert error

Using python code I am getting this error.
if I use same code same data and just change index name it works.

Is something wrong with existing index? how do I find this out?

 raise BulkIndexError("%i document(s) failed to index." % len(errors), errors)
elasticsearch.helpers.errors.BulkIndexError: ('1 document(s) failed to index.', [{'index': {'_index': 'myindex-2021-05', '_type': '_doc', '_id': '685056415-1.0', 'status': 403, 'error': {'type': 'cluster_block_exception', 'reason': 'index [myindex-2021-05] blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/8/index write (api)];'}

Document is already exist in myindex-2021-05 index. but I can't overwrite it.

but if I change name to yourindex-2021-05 then I can ovrwite as many time as I test.
I do not have space issue. plenty of space available

index is in green status and open.

green open myindex-2021-05 gp5uwRdEShqhOBDEDyjxXg 3 1 32312084 13000 8.7gb 4.3gb

This is 7.10.1. and I do not have any ILM policy on it.

This is fixed.

I just put that index as frozen/readonly and then open it up again. and I am able to write to it.

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