Getting error {“ok”:false,”message”:”backend closed connection”} when POST request


After a few minutes (5/10min) of POST requests, I get this error : {“ok”:false,”message”:”backend closed connection”} in my console but I do not see error in App Search API logs... How is it possible ?
What can be the cause of this error ?

Some POST requests arriving before error:

App search v8.5.0

Hi @StevenMartins ,

It's hard to tell without more information, but my guess would be, the message ("backend closed connection") didn't come from the App Search API. The error might have happened before reaching Enterprise Search server, somewhere between the proxy server and the Enterprise Search server.

Are you running on Cloud? In the admin console, you should have "Enterprise Search logs" and "Proxy logs". The records there might tell you more about what's going on.

It's a possibility.
I'm using an elastic cloud deploiement and Talend. My talend job post many requests on App Search engine.
I see this


I don't find "Enterprise Search logs" and "Proxy logs", where should I go ?

You're right, in the Cloud console all you have is "Logs and metrics". You'd have to contact support to help you with proxy logs.

@StevenMartins The "service unavailable" message suggests that the Enterprise Search instance is not able to handle the incoming requests, because something is putting too much pressure on the server, or the configured capacity is not sufficient.

I would advise to restart the deployment, and if that doesn't help, contact support, so they can open a ticket to investigate the problem with your deployment more closely.

I view 503 Service Unavailable, but there is a 502 "[...] read: connection reset by peer" before and I there are nothing in metrics that confirms insufficient capacity

I have already sent a support request and I wait an answer

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