Getting "failed to find metadata for existing index location" when trying to load existing data from a different cluster

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Good morning,

I am getting the error "failed to find metadata for existing index
location" when setting the logging to debug in elasticsearch when I try to
load data that originated from a different cluster. Here is what I did.

Elastic version 0.90.5 (Unable to upgrade to 1.x at the moment to utilize

  1. disabled translog flushing to disk (to get a consistent backup)
  2. Backed up the data
  3. Copied the data to a new system (elastic is currently stopped)
  4. Changed the data directory name to the new cluster name
  5. chown -R elasticsearch.elasticsearch /mnt/elasticsearch/
  6. started elasticsearch and got the above debug message.

I am unsure how I can fix this issue.

Can I get some assistance?


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