Getting Kibana to tell me which log entries are the largest


We log JSON payload entries to Elasticsearch via Heka and use Kibana to visualize those entries.

We're getting some large payloads and we want to work on making them smaller, for that, we need an easy way to know which payloads are the largest.

I was hoping to find a way for a Kibana query to return entries that have a size larger than a particular amount of bytes.

Is there a reserved field that Kibana has access to for this?

You'd need to install for that.

Ok, I've gone through most of the steps to install and working on the enabling part.

Does the plugin automatically generate the _size from the document itself, or do I need to map an existing size field to _size?

I ask because the curl call to enable _size appears to require an index and type for the _size to be mapped to?

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