Getting logged in user details in Kibana

I have recently configured Kibana with elasticshield

Is there any mechanism which retrieves the logged in user's details within kibana.? for instance elastic search query or something else.

When using Kibana with Shield, it does know what user is currently logged in.

What is it you trying to see? It sounds like maybe you want a kind of global dashboard that shows what users are all logged in to Kibana, is that right? If so, no, that's not something Kibana exposes.

You could perhaps watch requests, maybe using a proxy, and try to tease out that information. Or, even better, you could write a Kibana plugin that would let you see that information by using the router to watch login and logout requests and keep track of them that way.

How do I retrieve the logged in user's details through a elastic search query ?

Elasticsearch doesn't know that a user is "logged in," it has no user state itself. Elasticsearch's REST endpoints are stateless, the authentication needs to exist on any and all requests that are made.

Kibana is what controls that state, and it sends the user's authentication details with every request it makes to Elasticsearch. You'd have to ask Kibana about user information.

That's why I'm curious what you are trying to do, and what information you want to see. I need that information to help you find an answer.

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