Kibana Request me login with Shield in ElasticSearch

(Francisco Martínez) #1

I recently installed Shield in Elasticsearch and create a user with the role kibana4_server. Kibana subsequently configured with the same username and password.

elasticsearch.username: "mi-usuario-kibana"
elasticsearch.password: "mipassword"

My problem occurs when I enter Kibana, because it asks me username and password. (Attach Screenshot).

how can i fix it?

(Joe Fleming) #2

When Shield is installed in Elasticsearch, unauthenticated requests to ES are blocked. The server user is only used to modify the .kibana index, it has nothing to do with users of Kibana. You'll need to create a user in Shield and give it access to both Kibana as well as any indices you want to allow that user to access.

See the Shield docs for more information.

I'd also recommend installing the Shield UI component in Kibana, as it'll give you a cleaner login experience, and is a requirement for using Reporting if you have Shield in Elasticsearch.

(Francisco Martínez) #3

finally i solved it with this config:

elasticsearch.url: "http://mi-usuario-kibana:mipassword@localhost:9200"

(system) #4