Getting " No cached mapping for this field " in KIBANA 4


I'm getting " No cached mapping for this field " for field Error_Code.

Sample Log entry

####<Sep 29, 2015 12:45:03 AM EDT> <Workmanager: , Version: 0, Scheduled=false, Started=false, Wait time: 0 ms > <> <0000L0NQl1nB_6XLxuCCyW1Lzv3t01Oz72> <1443501903995> <Trying to release a resource that has already been released for eis/AQ/DBDEBSHRDataSource.>

Pattern Using.

pattern => ["####<%{DATA:Timestamp}> <%{WORD:Severity}> <%{DATA:Wls_Topic}> <%{HOST:Hostname}> <%{WORD:Component}> <%{DATA:Field6}> <%{DATA:Field7}> <%{DATA:Field8}> <%{DATA:Field9}> <%{DATA:Field10}> <(%{DATA:Error_Code})?> (<%{GREEDYDATA:LogMessage})?>"]

Able to match all fields.. But getting captioned message for Error_Code field. Please assist.

Try going to the index pattern settings and refresh the mappings?