Getting S3 file metadata into Kibana through logstash S3 input plugin

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Hello. Is there a way to get S3 file metadata into Kibana using the logstash S3 plugin or any other method?
For example, we have files that when you run 'aws s3api head-object --bucket bucketname --key filename' return something similar to

"Metadata": {
"date": "09222017",
"customer_phone": "985xxxxxxx",
"session_id": "9AEDE4D863CE4C0EBAC87CC639BBA227",
"duration": "00%3A01%3A17",
"agent": "",
"direction": "Unknown+Calltype",
"arw_phone_number": "",
"campaign": "Main+IVR",
"result": "None"

But I'm not able to search for any of those tags in Kibana. My Stack is as follows:

S3 -> SQS <- Logstash SQS input plugin -> AWS Elasticsearch <- Kibana


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Anyone? :frowning:

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