Getting "security_exception: action [indices:admin/settings/update] is unauthorized" on indexes with policies updated by a new user

This is for an ES cluster running v7.8.1.

I'm trying to automate pushing updates to our ILM policies and (legacy) templates, so I have a shell script that curls the appropriate json via a new ES user called "template_manager" (user was created by hand via Kibana). This user has a single "template_manager" role with the cluster permissions "manage_ilm" and "manage_index_templates". After I run my script using this user's credentials, the indexes using the updated policies show errors like these:

security_exception: action [indices:admin/rollover] is unauthorized for user [template_manager]


security_exception: action [indices:admin/settings/update] is unauthorized for user [template_manager]

It seems this user needs additional credentials? How do I line up these error messages with the permissions I need to give the account?

The role would need to contain the manage index privilege which will allow your user to perform these two actions

That seems to have done it. Thanks!

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