Getting started with managing users and how to control what data they can see

Our team has the following requirements that I need to look into...

  • Create and manage users when they access Kibana from their workspace
  • Control what these users see in Kibana

I need guidance on where to start with this. I'm finding documentation like this but I'm very confused as to if I manage users in elasticsearch or in kibana? This is very confusing for me to understand and I haven't found an explanation yet.

First of all you need to configure X-Pack Security on your Elasticsearch cluster.
To activate X-Pack Security have a look at

There are no seperate "kibana-User" all user you are Using are Elasticsearch user.
You can manage these Users via elasticsearch API or via the UI from Kibana (probably easier for the start).

To control access to the data you can create roles and assign these roles to your users.
To create roles in kibana see this documentation:



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