Getting Top 5 values from an Array

I have a document that represents a Task, it looks similar to the below but with several more fields than shown.
"_index": "index",
"_type": "type",
"_id": "1245",
"_version": 1,
"_score": null,
"_source": {
"field": "example",
"PeopleWorked": "[bob, fred, Jon]",
"Tags": "[tag1, tag2, tag3]",
"fields": {
"create_day": [
"TotalResolutionDays": [
"create_date": [
"sort": [

I have 2 fields that are essentially Arrays, PeopleWorked , and Tags. They are both of the Keyword Type. A Task can have been worked by an arbitrary number of People, and have an arbitrary number of Tags (specific tag names aren't known the tags could be anything).

Is there a way to create a visualization that will show me the 5 (or any number) of people that have worked the most tasks?
Also, similarly, the top 5 tags that appear most often?

Right now when trying to use a visualization and using the Terms/Significant terms filter it will return the most common entire arrays. For example it would return the number of times [Bob, Fred, Jon] is found, rather than the number of times just Jon is found.

I can reformat this data if needed but would like to try to keep it all in one document if possible.

Thanks for any help!

Look at using the split filter in logstash

split your array/s to create documents for every item in the array

hope it helps

For anyone that sees this in the future. I couldn't get any other solution to work so I uploaded my Tags to a separate Index as a separate type of item.

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