Getting "Unable to revive connection" error when running bat file in Windows

I am getting the below error while running bat file.. Can anybody help me on this?

n"","error":"Request error, retrying -- connect ECONNREFUSED"}
{"@timestamp":"2015-07-01T07:12:14.414Z","level":"warn","message":"Unable to rev
ive connection:","node_env":""production""}
{"@timestamp":"2015-07-01T07:12:14.415Z","level":"warn","message":"No living con
{"@timestamp":"2015-07-01T07:12:14.418Z","level":"info","message":"Unable to con
nect to elasticsearch at Retrying in 2.5 seconds.","

"Unable to revive connection" is an Elasticsearch error message. Are you able to connect to your cluster via that IP and port outside of Kibana, via curl or something else?

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No Joe.. I am not able to connect to that IP address and port via curl or otherthing.. I am getting "Connection Refused" message.. Can you help on this?

My initial thought is that it's a networking issue. Maybe the IP you're using isn't right from the point of the machine you're connecting from, or the port is being blocked or something, you'll have to figure out what it is. It's definitely not limited to kibana though if you can't connect to it.

What other details can you provide? As in, what does your setup look like? Is the ES server on the same box? If not, what is the IP of the box you are connecting from? If it's two different boxes, can you ping that IP from the machine that's running Kibana?

I too thought of the same network issue or inaccessible port issue.. Both ES server are on the same box.. Ping also working fine.. I guess the port I am using might be blocked.. And I used other ports also instead of 9200 and 5601, that too is not working.. Any other suggestion?