Kibana says "Unable to revive connection" but curl says "No problem"

I've tried 5.4.0, 5.3.2, and 5.3.1 (both stock elasticsearch & kibana docker images). I'm getting the common "Unable to revive connection":

kibana    | {"type":"log","@timestamp":"2017-05-09T20:24:11Z","tags":["warning","elasticsearch","admin"],"pid":7,"message":"Unable to revive connection: http://es-client:9200/"}

even though from that same container, I get positive responses using curl:

docker exec -it kibana curl http://es-client:9200
  "name" : "client3",
  "cluster_name" : "HiMom",
  "cluster_uuid" : "ZfxhGljwSPCZ0oP0dLbLfQ",
  "version" : {
    "number" : "5.3.2",
    "build_hash" : "3068195",
    "build_date" : "2017-04-24T16:15:59.481Z",
    "build_snapshot" : false,
    "lucene_version" : "6.4.2"
  "tagline" : "You Know, for Search"

I've got a really basic config (no ssl). Anyone know why kibana can't establish connection when it can clearly connect via curl? Thanks!

Searching the source for 'revive' (both via github search and local grep) yields nothing. Can someone point me to the right source repo (some plugin) I should dive into? Thanks!

This happens when Kibana can't communicate with elasticsearch. Can you try pinging elasticsearch with curl from the box that kibana is running on?

curl -i http://localhost:9200

Thanks, rashmi. The problem was user error on my part.

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