Gigablast as an ElasticSearch Alternative


I recently open-sourced my search engine's source code.
Although a much older version is running on the current website at the open-sourced (newer) version was running on
over 100 servers last week perfectly fine.

I am trying to gain credibility in the open-source community and I wanted
to know if anyone wanted to try Gigablast instead of ElasticSearch or
whatever. I will gladly help you set everything up (including additional
coding for special needs) free of charge. Basically I want to be able to
say that so-and-so uses Gigablast and prefers it over Elastic Search
because ....

I need advice in getting established as well. What can I do? Any help is



Written in C/C++ for the FASTEST performance.
Over 500,000 lines of C/C++.
100% custom. A single binary. The Web Server, Database and everything else
is all contained in this source code in a highly efficient manner.
Scalable to thousands of servers. Has scaled to over 12 billion web pages
on over 200 servers.
Reliable. Has been tested in live production since 2002 on billions of
queries on indexes of over 12 billion web pages.
Track record. Has been used by many clients. Has been successfully used in
distributed enterprise software.
Cached web pages with query term highlighting.
Supports any document conversion plugin to convert PDF, etc. to HTML
Shows popular topics of search results (Gigabits)
Email alert monitoring.
"Synonyms" based on wiktionary data. Using query expansion method.
Customizable "synonym" file: my-synonyms.txt
Stores position and format information of each word in an indexed document.
Complete scoring details are displayed in the search results.
Indexes anchor text of inlinks to a web page.
Can cluster results from same site.
Duplicate removal from search results.
Distributed web crawler.
Crawler/Spider is highly programmable and URLs are binned into priority
queues. Each priority queue has a throttle and max outstanding connection
Can inject documents into the index in real time using XML or HTML.
Automated data corruption detection and repair based on hardware failures.

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