Search Engine and Elasticsearch

Are there search engines that use elastic? Search Engines that are completely independent of the search giants (Google, Bing).


It seems (unsure though) that some parts of are using elasticsearch.

Otherwise, a search feature powered by elasticsearch on some popular websites:

To name a few...

These sites have an internal search.

Google used to provide enterprise search software. It was possible to add several hundred or thousands of sites and then get a search on these sites. Now this is not possible.
Is there something similar now?

These sites have an internal search.

Yes. Powered by Elasticsearch behind the scene. Isn't that what you asked for?

So are you looking for this?

not. I meant a little google :slight_smile:
As an example But it does not use Elasticsearch .

I have to pay $ 30 for each domain. If there are 1000, then this is a very large amount.

So I guess you need to build your own solution.

I'm working on it. At this stage, I do not use databases. Everything is stored in small files (indexes, documents, ...). I am satisfied with the speed and quality of the ranking, but with the increase in attendance, I may encounter difficulties. Therefore, I consider elastic as the next step in the development of my product. Elastic is an ocean, before plunging into it, I must be sure that it will improve my product.

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