GitHub Help

Trying to get started helping out on Open source. Looks like my Git client is good but my fork is very old (Maven not Gradle Feb 2015) .

How do I get past this?

Relatively new to Git. Do I go to them for this kind of support?

Joe R.

There are a number of general resources for learning to use git and github, but you might like to start here:

As for your specific issue, you could delete your fork and create a new one, but eventually you'll be in the same situation again.
What you need to do is configure your local repository (on your personal computer) to have 2 remotes. One points to the central elastic/elasticsearch repository on github and the other points to your joe/elasticsearch repo (also on github).
Then you can pull changes from the main repo, and push them to your fork.

You'll want to read up about git remote for that.


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