Java High Level Rest Client

Hi all,

I'm eager to work on the gsoc project about the java high level rest client. Currently I'm working on the update index settings, and have already added the parts needed as described in the issue on github, but without the tests, yet. I was trying to push it, but the push failed. The point is that I have forgotten to do a pull request, and, instead of that I have cloned the whole repository, built it on my machine with gradle, and started working on it. :slight_smile: Now I want to know whether it is possible for me to get a permission for pushing or I have to do a pull request and start it all over again, anyway.

Sorry for butting in here as I am not a moderator/mentor. But I believe forking and submitting a pull request is the way you want to go. Also, you don't need to start over everything. Just add a new remote pointing to your own fork of the repo and push the changes to this. Hope this helps!

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@Hrachya_Yeghishyan, unfortunately, we cannot give you permissions to push the the repository directly. All non-trivial code changes that are merge to elasticsearch have to go through PR/review process. This is a requirement for anyone even developers who can push directly. Going via forking and adding your fork as another remote suggested by @sohaib is the way to go here.

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Thank you very much for the replies @sohaib and @Igor_Motov. I will follow your suggestions.