GitHub Issue #11975 (kubernetes cores field types)

Hi folks,

I was thinking of picking up this issue as it's a problem that we ran into and will likely need to fix soon. Is anyone already working on it or is there anything I should bear in mind when altering the fields?

I believe this should be quite simple, changing the fields.yml and associated docs where the relevant fields are defined. Any recommendations beyond that?

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That's great @easkay!

Sounds like your approach is correct. After doing the change you will need to run make update in the development folder, so fields.yml gets translated to our code to be used by Metricbeat

Please let us know if you find an issue, feel free to open a PR for discussion and help request

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Thanks very much @exekias! I also gave the docs a read and they were very helpful too, mentioning to run make update as well as a couple of others.

Will hopefully have the PR in soon. PR is here:

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