Goals/Guages with irregular values

So my company is currently capturing number of automated tests and number of manual tests as a field in the documents by project each month. We want to see the percentage automation of automated tests we for the entire company for the current month. So to calculate this percentage I would need to do the following:

AutomationPecentage = SUM(Automated)/(SUM(Automated)+SUM(Manual)).

We would like to display this as a goal (say 80% automation). However, I'm not seeing a great way to display that in kibana.

I can't make the goal range based on a field (so I can't just create a scripted field "total" and then Sum aggregate automated) as far as I know.

If I could calculate the percentage in the visualization I could just set my range from 0 - 100 and be fine, but I'm not really sure how to do that. I can't really accomplish this as a scripted field because I would need to know the total (which is an aggregation of the values in my documents)

Can somebody help me with this? I'm pretty new to Kibana.

Interesting problem. I am not sure if we have a way to do this now. @lukeelmers can we please get some help here?


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