Automation test stability trend over time

Disclaimer: Fairly new to Kibana

I am trying to analyse test automation results over time to understand test failures for individual tests. The relevant fields include: (string)
test.result (string)

As an output I am working towards a line chart that shows the percentage failure rate (rolling average of the percentage over the time window selected) for each test.

What I am struggling with is:

An appropriate way to calculate the percentage. I can show the percentage in a bar graph with lens, but not use the percentage in any meaningful beyond it. Is there a way to create a variable to track this for each test?
And then possibly use that calculated value to arrive at a rolling average for the time interval. Would this be another variable of some sort?

This is a TSVB question however I am not sure if that is doable with that panel. Is this something that Vega would help with?

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