Going from data nodes to hot and warm nodes

Lab Environment: 3 Master and 2 Data nodes. Just sent some data to cluster without building custom templates or ILM policies or mappings.

I added 2 more Data nodes and made the first two Hot and the new 2 Warm nodes

promptly has several unallocated shards because:

"allocate_explanation" : "Elasticsearch isn't allowed to allocate this shard to any of the nodes in the cluster. Choose a node to which you expect this shard to be allocated, find this node in the node-by-node explanation, and address the reasons which prevent Elasticsearch from allocating this shard there.",


"explanation" : "index has a preference for tiers [data_content], but no nodes for any of those tiers are available in the cluster"

OK. First lesson: Don't change node roles randomly without planning.

But to recover (in case I actually run into this IRL) do I:

  1. Update the index template for those indexes to point to the Hot nodes as preferred?
  2. Create an ILM that rolls data off quickly along with #1
  3. Build 2 new nodes that are Data to allow the shards to be allocated and then create a migration plan to make sure all new data goes to Hot then rolls to Warm until the Data nodes are empty then shut those down?
  4. Nuke from orbit and rebuild? (it IS just a lab build)
  5. Something else?


So the answer was to change the dynamic mapping as it talks about here:

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