Indices are not allocate in hot nodes

I have defined, data_hot, data_warm roles in the elastic cluster nodes as below.
node1, node2c- node.roles: [ "data_content", "ingest", "data_hot" ]
node3, node4 - node.roles: [ "data_content", "data_hot" ]
node5, node6, node7 - master

Daily coming indices to the elastic cluster.
All data nodes have equal disk spaces.
But new indices are created on warm data nodes.

How to change data allocation on warm data nodes to hot nodes?
I want to how to firstly, data allocate on the hot node then move data to warm nodes.

Thank You!

How are you sending data to Elasticsearch?
Are you using ILM?

Thank You!
Using an application(company-specific app).
I want to use ILM, but did configure it yet.
If I configure ILM on the cluster, can shards allocation on hot node?

Thank You!

Yes ILM can handle that. Otherwise you need to set it up yourself with index allocation awareness.

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