How to Move existing Index data to warm nodes

Currently I have a 6 node cluster (4 hot nodes and 2 warm nodes). hot nodes contain less disk space and warm nodes are almost free..

The indexes are currently active and data ingestion is going on. below are my doubt:

  1. how can I move the index data from hot nodes to warm nodes while indexing is going on

  2. can I move partial data from hot nodes into warm nodes to relax the hot node storage.

thanks for the help.

Are you using time-based indices? Only full indices can be relocated.

You don't want to move indices if they still have data going into them. You also cannot move part of an index (aka a shard) like that.

Make sure you have looked into ILM as well.

thanks for the info. I have created ILM but not sure if I can apply ILM to an existing index.

if I can bring an existing index to a new ILM policy it would be great and I will be able to move data into warm nodes as part of ILM.

thanks for help.

Check out

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thank you very much for the help..

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