Google Cloud Kubernetes Elastic Interal LoadBalancer


I have a GCP project with /28 VPC(nodes network) the main network peered with another Shared VPC project that maintains connectivity with all other resources. So far I have deployed elasticserach and kibana using ECK and Google Cloud autopilot Kubernetes Cluster.

I have tried making loadbalancer service with predefined endpoint(kind: Endpoint) but It takes IP from kubernetes service subnet(insted the one I provided). I want to expose kibana 5601 port on VPC main subnet network IP on port 443 as well as elasticserach port 9200 on main vpc subnet network on port 9200. Could you please help me achieve that?

Hi @Adriann

Perhaps take a look at this thread

So I have achieved what I wanted.

Doing this

and this

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: kibana-service-https
  namespace: xx
  annotations: "Internal"
  selector: my-kibana
    - protocol: TCP
      port: 443
      targetPort: 5601
  type: LoadBalancer
  loadBalancerIP: 10.xx.xx.xx

It does not support tags, but to be honest I do not see a purpose In tag driven firewall If I can just make a new VM in any project, just add the tag and I have connectivity... Maybe I am missing something...

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@Adriann Thanks for reporting back what worked / your solution! Very useful for others!

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