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I see Google Cloud regions in the traffic filter private link endpoint setup section of my Elastic Cloud console. From docs, it appears that Google Cloud is not supported for traffic filter private links, but I wanted to check since the Google Cloud regions are listed in the traffic filter setup page. Anyone have any insight?

I'd encourage you to run this by the Support team, they can give you a definitive answer :slight_smile:

Traffic filters and Private link endpoint are two separate but related capabilities.

Elastic Cloud on GCP supports traffic filters.

Elastic Cloud does not support Private Service Connect yet (the equivalent to AWS Private link) but it is on the roadmap.

EDIT : Huh I notice that the GCP regions are showing up under the Private Link Endpoint chosen, I think that is perhaps a bug in the Cloud UI right now.... I will check.

Yup that is a little miss-representation in this current iteration of the UI, that should get cleaned up soon, Technically you should only see the AWS regions today when you select Private Link Endpoint.

Azure is coming soon, then GCP.

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