Unable to enable Vnet or traffic filter for Elastic cloud

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I have followed documentation to enabled our elastic cloud from public internet to azure networking boundaries as per the step granted as below documentation.

But still we couldnt enable it and when we are accessing the URL of kibana it shows forbidden

please help me in fixing it

Azure Private Link traffic filters | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic

@warkolm / @Christian_Dahlqvist Sorry to spam you

i didnt got any response hence i have commented to you guys directly .

As of now our elastic cloud is on public internet hence we tried to enable private end point to access them securely under Azure networking boundaries

But once we apply the filter according to the documentation its going to forbidden state . please help in fixing our issue and go on our own networking boundaries

please ping me if you need more details

I would recommend you contact Elastic Cloud support.

please do share me the link where to raise the incident now , Christian thanks in advance @Christian_Dahlqvist have a good weekend ahead

The link is right in your Elastic Cloud Console on the home / main page.

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