Remote Access kibana from windows vm hosted on Azure

Hi All,
My Elasticsearch and kibana is installed on windows VM in Azure both are working fine but I want to access my kibana outside the VM, I have read documents mentioned that change "" but when I changed this in Kibana .yml file and tried to access kibana outside VM with myVmpublicip:5601 it's not working.
Kindly provide me help.

Hi @aman97,

In Azure you will need to add a networking rule to allow access to the port. Networking -> Add inbound port rule, in this case you are running on 5601, so add this to the rule. Hope this helps.



Hi @LizaD I have already add networking rule to allow access to port, but still it's not working

Hi, after disable firewall in my vm I am able to access the kibana outside my vm with publicip:5601.

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