Accessing kibana remotely

(joshi) #1

I've setup an ELK stack (versions 5.4) running on an ubuntu 17.04 vm. This is hosted in azure. Aside from the Azure network security group settings, what do I need to do to enable connections to kibana via a browser over the internet?

So far I have run the command:

sudo ufw allow 5601

And edited kibana.yml to change from localhost to the public IP address of my azure vm.

(Mark Walkom) #2

That should be it, does it not work?

(joshi) #3

yes - I'm unable to browse to the url


is it safe to assume it's an issue on the azure settings?

(joshi) #4

fixed it - now able to connect. I found this guide whic recommends setting to "" in the kibana.yml file.

(system) #5

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