Unable to Access Kibana Remotely

(Satej ) #1

Hello I have ELK hosted on Azure VM Windows 2012 server , i am able to access kibana via local host , even after changing the server.host replacing with IP address of the server , but still unable to access the Kibana locally on my laptop or any other machine

(Brandon Kobel) #2

@satej.ramdin so you've set the server.host setting in the kibana.yml to the publicly exposed IP address of the VM; but you're still unable to access Kibana remotely? Does the VM have a firewall running? And is it configured correctly in Azure to be publicly accessible?

(Satej ) #3

Thanks for the reply Brandon , Yes I have open the port 5601 in Azure as well as in the firewall of the server .

I have also update server.host to public IP address of the VM but still no luck , i have tried searching on the web as my ELK is hosted on windows didnt found much help anywhere .

i am always getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

(Brandon Kobel) #4

@satej.ramdin from the Azure VM are you able to access Kibana on http://publicipaddress:5601 or only http://localhost:5601 ?

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