Cannot Access Kibana remotely

I set up Kibana on a Windows server to run locally ( However, when I tried to access Kibana remotely from another Windows machine by entering (http://server:5601/), it failed (This page can not be displayed). The server has all firewall turned off.

Can someone explain to me why it is not working and what else I can do to make it work? My working environment is Windows.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Edison,

Can you ping the kibana server from your other Windows machine?

Have you changed anything in kibana\config\kibana.yml such as the setting? It should be "" by default which means to listen on all interfaces.



Hello Edison,

I know with the setup I'm working with, which is through a VPN, I had to "allow" the port on my sever. This meaning the firewall built into Ubuntu (which is the OS I'm using to run Elasticsearch and Kibana) was keeping me from accessing the application from my desktop/client.

The command I ran was:

sudo ufw allow 5601

This allowed 5601 (kibana) to receive requests from outside of the server.

Hope this helps